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fast in says thereof no security breach. the fact remains she used an old trick, a diverseiaries traffic, not once but twice, to get onto the jet. passengers are supposed to have their boarding pass and i.d. checked. however, marilyn hartman slipped past anyway. >> she went to the security area, but was not allowed through the security area, but snuck around a family that was having their boarding passes checked. >> eric wallwell sits on the homeland security subcommittee. he's concerned because if the woman got past security, someone intent on wrongdoing probably could, to. >> this was not a security breach. baunchts she was screened. tsa does not consider he a
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threat. congressman says she got around another family that was boarding. the real harm may be to public confidence. we to brian jenkins by phone, an aviation security expert at the institute at san jose state. >> any publicized breach of security is unsettling to the public, both in terms of undermining our perception of safe air travel, and in terms of increasing cynicism about the entire aviation security process. >> this southwest passengers reflects that. >> well, i think somebody really screwed up, you know, security and southwest, actually. >> a though she was screened could chef created a disturbance on board the aircraft? yes. >> in san jose, david lieuies, abc 7 news. a stand offat a berkeley
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storage facility with a man threatening to blow it up is over. the man came out of the golden bear storage facility without incident. police won't say if he had a weapon. it shut down sixth street. police are looking for a braising group of burglars who drove a truck through the front deer of a golf course. that wasn't -- the -- and tried unsectionfully. the entire burglary was captured, and the golf course was open for business today. the. the fremont unified school district is involved in a huge controversy with a textbook that
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will teach ninth graders about sex health. some parents say it's too explicit. others disagree. >> vick vic has tonight. >> >> reporter: it's afc a sensitive subject. different culture, different religions, especially here in free month where there are many different ethnicities, so the school district is asking parents to talk to the teachers, ask them how they will teach the course before they make up their minds, but many minds have already been made up. >> i it's it's too explicit. >> this is what fremont parent rae lynn miller is talking about. this fall nipt greatest at fremont's high schools will be using it in their health education classes. the but it's this chapter
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sexual health that many parents are upset about. it's just 21 parents in a 392-page book, but it's become a huge controversy. even generating more than 1,000 signatures on an online petition, those far away from india are asking the school board to reskinned the decision. it has descriptive pictures and talks about sex toys, or gasp, bondage and how to use a condom. the superintendent says the book has the backing of his teachers. >> our teachers looked at the textbooks and said we think this is the best one, most kleely aligned with the california standards that we we can use in the classrooms. >> about ecy bruno was reviewing the book. her son is entering the ninth grade. she wanted to find out for herself what the kroirs was all about. >> this is factual and i think this is the best source to get it from. our educators rather than
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finding it out for themselves and may not be accurate information. >> reporter: still, outside the library, there were a lot of parents we spoke with who are opposed to the book. >> more and more we're exposing children to things that aren't necessarily age appropriate. >> there is one thing parents can do. they can choose to have their children opt out of the sexual health portion of the course, but only because of their religious beliefs. vic lee, abc 7 news. acoakland man was arrested on suspicion of drunk drives when authorities say he crashed into a car dealership in concord. take a look at the damage. what a met. the impact damaged three cars on the lot at the infiniti dealership on burnett avenue. the highway pa stroll says is the driver veered off 680 and plowed into roadway sides. flip over and then landed in the
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dealership lot. spokesperson for the company says this is the third crash they have experienced in the last year. >> the off-ramp is a pretty good clip and people take it way too fast. so we've had people with their wheels underneath them. bumpers off the car ending up in the bushes across the street, ending up down the street, ending up in our lot. >> he was taken to the hospital to be checked out, later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. cal osha is investigating whether welding work started a hotel fire in san francisco this week. the fire broke out on monday on mcallister near u.n. plaza. it caused more than a million damage. santa rosa has become the north bay's latest and largest -- requiring 20% mandatory rationing. the severity of the drought is
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forcing local water agencies to implement even tougher restrictions. starting today homeowners can only irrigate at night. wateren down driveways will be banned. local restaurants will serve water only upon request form the local utility district will be out and about looking for water wasters. >> door hangers to let them know what's going on, follow up if they don't react, and then ultimately have the ability to turn water off if that's the case, if we need to go that far. >> state rules allow the constituent to hand out $500 citations. santa rosa officials say they'll rely on education and friendly reminders first. we now have a picture of a missing santa rosa man, the subject of an all-out search. while hiking in the trinity national forest. he was backpacking with friends. moreries is an experienced hiker. he did have food and water with him. search teams from sonoma county are involved as are not volunteers from marin and contra
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costa county. state officials have just confirmed the first deaths from the west nile virus in california this year. the two victims include a 74-year-old woman in sacramento county. health officials say she also had an underlying chronic disease. the second victim has only been identified as an adult in shasta county. no other details have been released about that case. there are 35 human cases of west nile right now in california. 15 people died last year. the virus is transmitted to humans and animals through a bite from an ineffected mosquito. much more ahead for you this wednesday evening. coming up next, tenses escalate between the united states and china, and a bay area company is caught right in the middle of it. also ahead, after more than a year of fighting over the a's and the coliseum there's this -- >> i haven't had any change of heart. i always loved oakland. details of the new deal. and big news for levi stadium, how it is about to buck
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the newest hockey rink. plus -- >> there is a number. a number, a bag and a box, what's in them and how will they change a neighborhood? ab if you're s medium cheddar with your bare hand. i didn't say tough, i said hungry. if you're so hungry, eat this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare mouth. tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better.
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the final step seals the deal to keep the team at the oakland coliseum through 2018, but the extension includes an out. the a's have committed to stay at least four years. lou wolf says he's determined to
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build a new park for his team. >> i have always loved oakland. i love our fans, but we also have to have a new venue. it's a matter of where we can implement the venue. the city council and alameda county board of supervisors 3ru6d that deal last month. another provision allowed the city to force the a's if the oakland raiders follow you had through with their plan to develop the site for a football-only stadium. estimates are it would cost 1.75 of a billion dollars. there's big news from the san jose sharks. they'll play a game of outdoor hockey in santa clara. the sharks will host the kings february 21st. officials say it will set an attendance record. sharks season ticket holders guess the first chance. tickets for the general public will be released as a later
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date. >> outdoor hockey, that's cool. ten of the cupertino products have been blacklisted from approved gadgets officials are allowed to buy with public money in china. the new ban comes amid fears that the products could be hacked to spy on china. this move could also have an effect on apple's bottom line. four intense smartphones worldwide are sold in china. bank of america is reportedly close to a deal to pay up to $17 billen onfor the role in selling risky mortgages. the money will be paid to the government and to consumers in the way of reduced mortgages. if finalized, this could be the biggest settlement the government has made with the bank in the aftermath of an economic meltdown. a new study suggests the link between vitamin d and dementia of people over the age of 65. researchers say those who are moderately deficient double their risk for developing dement
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that. those severely lacking, the risk increases to 125%. eat more salmon, mushrooms and fortified dairy or go outside and get more nine. researchers says the folks should aim for 20 minutes a day three times a week. when you dine out at a restaurant, who decides what you will order? you might think you are making the choice, but that's not exactly so. >> 7 on your side's michael fin jury is here to tell us who it is. >> they're sneaky. you may sense that restaurants use something called menu engineering, the art of writing a menu so you'll order more food. consulting greg rabb let us in on some of the -- an item costing 7.95 on which doesn't of better than one costing $8. he says we tend to order more food when the menu gives attempting details about each dish. >> sales will go up almost 30%
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when they have a good description. such as calling bacon applewood smoked bacon. another thick a men you are might list a very expensive item near a medium-priced item to make it look lie a bargain. now uber-wants to match passengers with passengers. the companies each announced a new carpool service that will pair up riders all going the same way. the strangers then split the fare. the companies have been testing the services with a few riders before rolling out to the public. if you live in a wealthy area, you may soon be charged more for "people" magazine form the select gossip publication is testing the novel idea of setting prices based on income level. "time" corporation says residents in some counties can afford to pay more than the 5.95 newsstand price.
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others can't afford nearly that much. "time" did not say which counties may may pour or less. by the way, i've used this forever. when i was a young reporter, i would always make sure i went to low-income neighborhoods to get my medical care. it was just as good, it was cheaper. >> that was smart. we are very excited to let you know about a community effort involving or station, our paint company disney and a national nonprofit called kaboom. we will all join in in building a brand-new playground for children in east oakland's millsmont neighborhood. alyssa harrington with the prep work that is under way. >> reporter: piece by people volunteers unload some of playground. today the project broke ground but the big build happens friday. volunteers will help put together the one of the a kind playground in just six hours.
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>> to have some slides, swings, great climbing elements. >> reporter: kids helped with the designibility countering their ideas. this one includes a community garden. >> it needs a great play to play, an opportunity to get the community together to invest in their neighborhood and build a one of a kind play ground the kids designed and have a sense of accomplishment. >> kaboom play grounds are part of disney's healthy living in addition idea, the idea is to create a space with kids can have fun, make friends and get exercise. >> one of the things i hope happens with this build is it will bring people back into the parks. it's really tight out there for a lot of families. they need a free place to come. >> the playground will be revealed friday, but it won't open to the public for at least a week after that.
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workers still need to installed rubbers mats. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. now spencer christian has a forecast for chance of rain in much of the bay area saw some overnight. >> and these pictures were shot in oakland near the zoo. >> the rain reached san jose, this shot from lynn drive near meridian avenue today. >> and when you rain ended and the morning broke, a lot of us saw this beautiful sight, a lovely sunrise. our photograph tweeted this out from concord. >> that's absolutely stunning. >> what is in store now that we are pushing toward the weekend? >> spencer christian outside with a lovely day today, spencer. >> it is a lovely day today, cheryl and dan. if there's anything as normal weather, we are moving back into a normal summertime pattern. all is quiet in the bay area front today, much inlike yesterday 'weather. let's travel down to the tropics whether it's anything but quiet. we have two category 1 hurricanes approaching hawaii
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right now. i'm sure you've heard much about them. first is iselle. packing maximum sustained winds of 90 miles per hour, followed rather closely by hurricane julio. a little bit weaker, they are expected to take this path, iselle the first one expected to make landfall over late tore as a category 1, and then move on out to sea as a tropical storm. followed closely, two days later, late saturday into early sunday by what would then by tropical storm julio, expected to move north of the islands but still could deal some stormy blows. a tropical storm watch in effect for oahu, and we'll continue to monitor the attention. now back to home. over the advancing layer of low clouds and fog pushing out over the bay.
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here's a view, sunnier sky there. it's currently 80 in santa rosa. fairfield 89, and a look at low clods hovering over the golden gate. these are our locally out over the bay. it will be warm to hot inland for the next few days with a steady summer spread and moving to our south and east, it brought us rather unusual weather the last couple days. drier weather is moving in. and here's our forecast animation showing tomorrow w50e8 have clouds lingers at the coastline in some spots, mainly sunny over the pay and inland.
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back to our normal summertime pattern overnight fog at the coast and locally mild here's the accuweather forecast. a steady pattern with not much change in the highs. look for the highs in the 90s inland, mid to upper 60s on the coast. lovely weather ahead. >> thank you, spencer, very much. well, ending the collision course for california whales. the new incentive to get ships to slow down. also if a monkey takes a selfie in the forest, who owns the copyright? plus -- ♪ too much beyonce? >> new at
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a rare hurricane warning has issued for the hawaiian islands. i talked with david muir and other stores. >> we're tracking the two hurricanes barreling toward hawaii right now. this is unprecedented to have two hurricanes so close to one another. also ebola tonight, the first pictures from inside the plane, bringing back the infected-mile-an-hours, the video is surreal and we'll have the video. >> and the drive-thru promise, 60 seconds or it's free. what happens when we start the stopwatch. usee it play out here. >> and that's right after this newscast right here on abe 7. a look at a terrifying moment at a train station, a man at perth, australia got his leg
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stuck. first people inside the train moved to the other side hoping to sway it from away from the platfo platform, then commuters rallied together to push it just far enough for the man to get free. british photographer may sue wick i media over a picture. these pictures david slater took went viral in 2011. the dispute now is over who owns them. the monkey took hi camera and snapped these selfies. wikimedia now considers the pictures subject to the public domain, because the monkey pressed the shutter button, slater isn't buying it and is considering his next step. >> what an interesting question. cargo ships will now by paid to slow down to avoid hitting whales. "los angeles times" reports six global shipping companies will
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get $2500 every time they sail slow will you think the santa barbara channel. that area is a prime feeding ground for migrating blue whales. the program was developed by federal wild live officials. the slow speeds will also cut air place. a bay area researcher who headed the team that landed the curiosity rover on mars twoiers is moving ahead with another project. adam steltzner developed the sky crain system. he's now working on another mars landing, in this mission, a "20/20" rovers would take samples from the service of mars plays in a cache for eventual return to earth for stud,. he says it could be the first phase of three separate missions. another mission would return to the surface with a big rocket, would take those samples, and put the samples in
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orbit around mars. and then a third mission would come along, collect the samples that are now orbiting around mars and bring them back to earth. >> he says nasa still hasn't decided whether it will undertakes thinks missions, but it is getting encouragement to do so. clever. well, lucky lottery, one owner sells a second winning ticket. >> how much and where the action is, when abc 7 news at 5:00
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, a local mortgage lender whose customers describe him as a monster. tonight from 7:00 on your side, the plea bargain today that some people are very unhappy about. and beating the high cost of treating sick pets, why the answer may lie in your medicine cabinet. it's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7s in at 6:00. >> thank you, ama.
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there seems to be a lucky spot in san jose for winning lottery tickets. >> in less than a year, two winning tickets have been sold at jenny's gift stores. >> the first one was last december, when someone bought one on tully's road won the megaball jackpot. >> then a ticket for yesterday's drawing just over $58,000 was sold at jenny ace story road location. yesterday's winning ticket sold here matched all five numbers, but did not have the mega numbers. >> there was a stream of lotto players at jenny's on story road. lottery officials just launched a lucky retailer site. and you can look up who sold the most winning tickets near you. >> we have a link at that's kind of a bit of a coincidence. >> i'll have i to check it out. that would do it with us. world neu is next. >> for all of us here, we
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appreciate your time as always. see yo welcome to "world news." breaking now, the double threat bearing down on hawaii. the first hurricane getting closer, the other one right behind it. families rushing to get supplies. tourists scrambling to get out. some of the most popular destinations in the bull's eye. ginger zee with the track coming in. the ebola fears spread, the new numbers and the first pictures inside the plane that brought the two infected americans home. what we've now learned about the newest american patient brought in on that stretcher. the subway scare, the man trapped. that's his leg stuck between the train and the subway platform. the stunning moment that came next. and to the test. the famous drive-through now promising customers their meal in 60 seconds or it's free. what happened when we sent our team out to put it to the test?


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